Why Join the LIADA?

Established in 1974, LIADA is the only automobile trade association representing the independent automobile dealer. The association has an established record of accomplishment and fair dealings; its representatives are welcomed and respected by officials of every regulatory agency.

LIADA membership dues include payment into the NIADA membership, which is the most effective protection you can have for your own interest. The associations are ready and able to render service any time you require it. The service is often provided before you realize you even need it.


  Representation: LIADA meets regularly with the DMV and LUMVCM representatives to discuss issues that directly impact your dealership. We will monitor State General Assembly to advocate and fight on your behalf against potential legislation that impacts your dealership and the used car industry. We make sure your voice will be heard in government.

  Education: With your support the LIADA will be your source for Pre-License Classes and Continuing Education requirements. We will also provide workshops, seminars, compliance updates and a bi-monthly news magazine so that you can stay informed about the industry.

  Information: We hold an annual State Convention and Expo and encourage you to join us in participating at the NIADA National Convention.

  Savings: A complete line of forms and supplies will now be offered to members at a discounted price, along with the LIADA Coupon Book with In State and Out of State Auction houses, valued at over $3,350. We can also put you in touch with business partners who can assist you in a variety of ways, from Attorney and Accountant referrals to warranty and financial companies to help assist you in all your dealership needs.


  Marketing: Advertise in LIADA's annual Coupon Book for free. This Coupon Book will be in all membership renewal packages as well as in new member packages. Plus, send us your one-page company flyers and we'll include it in our new dealer/renewal packages.

  Databases: Access to all LIADA membership databases for mailings. This includes getting the used car board database of all Louisiana dealers and when they received their dealer's license. Just send us an email request for current database and we'll be glad to send it to you.

  Website Listing and Link: If your company has a website, we will add your company logo, contact information and a link to your company website. Your company website will be in our On-Line Dealer Service Provider Directory. For website banner Ad opportunities, contact the office.

  Sponsorship Opportunities: LIADA will be having events going on where the environment is ideal for sponsors to participate. Some examples of this are soon to be: Continuing Education Classes, district meeting, tag and title workshops, auction membership drives and of course, our annual convention.

  Developing Strategic Relationships: Network with other companies who associate themselves with our association. Either during membership drives or events offered in-market.